The Magic of Nature
Our ability to listen and learn from the natural world is an important
part of the solution to the environmental challenges we face.
A gently guided experiential exploration,
deepening our relationship with the subtler aspects of the natural world.

Workshop participants have said:
“This was the most life-changing weekend of my entire life!”

Co-creating with Nature
Take your relationship with the natural world another step.
Learn practical techniques for conversing with the world of nature,
opening a co-creative connection that will add to the planet’s well-being
and bring an extraordinary new dimension to your life.

Following the Upward Spiral:
Creating Earth-grounded Ceremony for a Meaningful Life
This ten to twelve session experiential workshop leading participants
into deep, personal relationships with multiple aspects of our world.
Embodying these enlightening experiences,
we will each individually create our own personal ceremonies
as a portal for a more meaningful, satisfying life.

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic journeying takes us to a place outside of ordinary consciousness
where we can access higher wisdom and knowledge. This is the realm that
has guided countless societies over thousands of years, and now is very
simply available to all of us.

Using a drumbeat to help achieve the shamanic state, you will be guided
into the shamanic realm with effective instructions leading you toward
gaining direct information specifically for you and your issues.
related workshops and private sessions

Experiencing Crystal Energy
Crystals are truly the purest form in nature.
Their extraordinarily clear and stable vibrations
make them exceptionally easy to communicate with.
In this hands-on workshop, learn to sense the energies of crystals
and “hear” what messages they share.
This workshop will cover what crystals are,
how and why we can sense their vibrations,
their different uses, and ways to choose your personal stones.

Gem and Flower Essences: What They Are and How to Use Them
Gem and flower essences can help you change your life!
These liquid solutions contain the exceptional vibrational frequencies
of specific gemstones and can release blockages on all levels,
leading to greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
Essences are superb tool for individuals, geomancers
and health practitioners.

Please contact us for current schedule
or to arrange a workshop in your area.

Private Consultations
We are now available on the island of Kauai for consultations in
co-creative land management, house design and placement,
garden development, creating sacred space,
and a multitude of other activities in which we can connect with
and be assisted by coordinating with Nature.
contact us for more information.

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