Power animal retrievals
Power animals are helping spirits that guide us in finding healing and
answers in the shamanic realm. During a power animal retrieval, the
practitioner journeys on your behalf to find your personal helping spirit
that will escort you through the shamanic realms and assist in daily life.

After the retrieval, you will be led through a shamanic journey to
personally connect in the shamanic realm with your power animal.

Soul retrievals
Sometimes we feel lost, depressed, or just not ourselves because a part
of our soul left after a traumatic or startling experience. During a
shamanic soul retrieval the practitioner journeys on your behalf and
brings back and reinstalls soul fragments that are ready to return.

After the retrieval, you will be guided in tools for welcoming and
reintegrating these soul parts. A power animal retrieval may be
recommended prior to a soul retrieval.


Introduction to Shamanic Journeying
Shamanic journeying takes us to a place outside of ordinary consciousness
where we can access higher wisdom and knowledge. This is the realm
that has guided countless societies over thousands of years, and now is
very simply available to all of us.

Using a drumbeat to help achieve the shamanic state, you will be guided
into the shamanic realm with effective instructions leading you toward
gaining direct information specifically for you and your issues.

Shamanic Journey Circle
A facilitated gathering open to those with training in core shamanic
journeying, including the Introduction to Shamanic Journeying workshop
discussed above. Can be offered as a single session or on-going basis.

Each session will generally encompass two or three journeys followed by
sharing among the participants for support and illumination. Guided by
live drumming and offered in a psychically safe environment.

Sequoya has been practicing shamanism for over fifteen years.
During this time she has completed a comprehensive apprenticeship
in the core shamanic lineage. She has been highly effective in opening
the shamanic realm for both beginners as well as advanced practitioners
for many years.

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