We are continually reviewing the groups and individuals
we can support in various ways.
We wholeheartedly recommend
the following organizations and programs:
Rainbow Tree School
This school is the long-held vision of Greta and Richard Kraft, on
the north shore of Kaua’i. Their goal is to support children, and
adults, in exploring, embodying and expressing their true soul
essence. T
hey have completed the first phase of the school campus
and classes have commenced.

The Heart of the Healer
An amazing organization dedicated to true Earth stewardship and
Oscar Miro-Quesada's extraordinary practice, the
Pachakuti Mesa

Based in the US, the organization is developing a community on the
banks of the Tambopatata River in Peru's Amazonian Madre de Dios
region. Called
Sipapu, this is to be an educational residential
center focused on the conservation and sustainability of the
rainforest, her people and indigenous wisdom.  

Camino Verde The founder of this organization, Robin Van Loon, is
a stellar example of walking one's talk. Started in 2007, his
organization truly upholds the strictest standards of sustainability
through protecting and expanding biodiversity, performing
substantial reforestation in the Peruvian Amazon, and supporting
and encouraging ecological, sustainable development and

Within this time, Camino Verde has planted over 10,000 trees
representing 250 species, including many important, endangered
and over-exploited Amazonian trees.  These reforestation efforts
embody a "living seed bank" protecting the Amazon´s biodiversity
and ever-more threatened trees.

Along with the very successful conservation of primary forests and
landscape reclamation, they perform research and education and
are very effectively supporting and preserving indigenous wisdom.

The Pachamama Alliance
Dedicated to protecting the Earth's rain forests and the indigenous
peoples who live within them. Offering trips into the rainforest of
Ecuador visiting the Achuar people and, perhaps a bit closer to
home,  their Awakening the Dreamer program.

Rowe Camp & Conference Center
Offering a great line up of exceptional workshops in a beautiful
forested location in Rowe Massachusetts. Fostering a strong sense
of community, there are opportunities for personal retreats and
work study internships.

Green Nations Gathering
Meeting for 20 years, this now biennial weekend conference is
organized by Pam Montgomery of
Partner Earth Education Center
in Vermont.  

    Pam has written: "The Green Nations are communities of
    people who love Earth, respect all her beings and honor the
    interdependent diversity needed for peaceful, sustainable life.
    We…gather to learn, inspire each other, network for the
    planet, play and renew our commitment to live in beauty and
    walk in harmony on Earth, our partner. Ours is a revolution of
    the heart, taking action to make the world a better place to

The American Society of Dowsers
Check out their national and regional conferences, their on-line
bookstore, and their extraordinary program
Water for Humanity

Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute
Offering excellent, in-depth classes in permaculture, including the
Permaculture Design Course.

Healing Spirits Herb Farm
Matthias and Andrea Reisen truly are healing spirits. They offer
internships on their rural herb farm in Avoca New York. This is a
great introduction to or re-immersion into the world of organic
medicinal herb farming and as well as an opportunity to share a
lifestyle in touch with the land.

Woodland Essences
Classes and journeys organized and led by the wonderful and
extremely knowledgeable Kate Gilday and Don Babineau in the
southern Adirondack Park of New York State.

Mount Madonna Center
An intentional community filled with heartfelt people offering a
variety of classes throughout the year. Their three month
residential program “Yoga, Service, and Community” offers an
opportunity to step back from and re-evaluate one’s life routines.

The Duncan Center
This “ministry of hospitality” offers accommodations and classes,
an excellent place for a peaceful retreat in the midst of bustling
Boca Raton Florida.