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a gem and flower essence blend
co-created on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i
at the Sanctuary of LUBOF devic garden.


This essence blend offers powerful support throughout
these rapidly accelerating changing times,
strengthening personal alignment and balance,
releasing fear and resistance to change,
and inspiring and guiding us in right action on our soul paths.

An essence blend of 12 gemstones and one flower

The stones and flower chosen and definitions offered here were
received by attuning with each specific stone and flower from
which each essence was made. These are the unique energies
that each stone and flower offered to share at this time to co-
create a blend of the greatest assistance to us through these
rapidly changing times.

The four earth connection stones
Ruby, natural crystal
Stimulates deep grounding, bringing an agility and empowering
of our core strength while anchoring into the earth, that
we may be supported and fed by the planet’s deep intelligence,
strength and stability. Supports physical vitality and integrity
of physical form.

Facilitates our connecting with the original plan and blueprint of
this planet and humanity’s ultimate purpose for being here.

Fire agate
En-lightens the sacral center and sparks our solar plexus.
Helps release all energies bound up by fear and redirects them
toward higher purposes.

Azurite with malachite and chrysocolla
Assists us in our connection with the purest vibrations of
this planet - earth, sea and heart - and our correct placement,
both physically and spiritually.

The four balancing stones
Blue kyanite
Helps in clearing and aligning all of our chakras,
promoting graceful flow from inspiration through action.

Assists in handling multiple focuses simultaneously:
organizing, prioritizing and creating unity.

Clear rose quartz
Brings a soft, warm, relaxing vibration that penetrates
deeply to our core and radiates outward. Facilitates our souls
in seating into and fluidly integrating with our bodies.

Opalized quartz
Assists in navigating the multiple facets and ever-
shifting realities we face, with grace and ease. Supports us in
calling in and incorporating higher vibrations and manifesting
new ways of functioning that will be of inspiration to others.

The four higher vibratory connection stones
Natural citrine
Supports profound clarity and transparent connection with
our spiritual guides and guidance.

Sapphire crystal
Forthrightly transmits the vibration of the universal
energetic grid, the crystal-clear vibrations of higher realms.
Assists in our perception of mundane daily reality from
higher perspectives.

Amethyst-included quartz
Helps unfurl our crown chakras and aligns the pineal gland.
Creates a beacon of light illuminating our truest selves,
attracting and stimulating our receptivity of pure light energies.

Herkimer diamond
Amplifies our ability to attract and accumulate brilliantly clear
and pure vibrations. Stimulates clear communications on
multiple levels, from verbal to telepathic and beyond.

The sole [soul] flower
Activates our ability to release any blockages and all that
no longer serves. Stimulates our body’s intelligence in absorbing
and incorporating all of the support offered by our guides,
guidance and this essence blend.


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