The mission of Soaring Spirit Earth Stewardship Foundation
is to offer and support nature education and
earth stewardship activities and programs.

The Foundation’s goal is recognition of solutions for the
environmental and social challenges we face through the
awakening and deepening of our personal relationships
with the natural world.


Sequoya, founder and director of Soaring Spirit,
has been a practicing geomancer for over fifteen years,
utilizing her innate, well-honed sensitivities to detect and
interpret the earth’s and all of nature’s subtle energies.
She continually concentrates on integrating
our deep-seated spiritual essence and our relationship
with the natural world with practical physical considerations.

As a gardener, organic farmer, building designer and carpenter
focusing on natural building materials and renewable energy,
Sequoya has a firm foundation for translating information
provided by our surroundings.

She has developed and teaches about co-creative partnerships
with Nature, how to invite and work with a team of
exceptional wisdom that is eager to assist us in our lives.
An engaging writer and teacher, she has been leading workshops
on a variety of related topics for over fifteen years.

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